Autism affects 1 in 60 children or 1 in 42 boys.  The figures grow continuously.  It is a social communication disorder and nothing like you have seen in the movie "Rain Man".   Early detection and therapies are essential for a chance of a successful life.  
  I am a mother of a now 21 year old Autistic young man.  We started the journey of diagnosis when he was only 18 months old but that was not to say that I did not know something was wrong before that time.  I knew straight away just hours after being born.  This is his story from my perspective and how it has affected our family or how we had to deal with it. 
   You see my son was in denial of his diagnosis for at least 18 years of his 21 years.  To see him you would never know but you would look again and say something was "strange" about that boy.  This is our journey and how we dealt with a diagnosis and a life style that we could all live with.